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Reviews Guidelines
Please follow these guidelines to ensure everyone can benefit from an authentic and balanced community.

  • Be an employee / contractor
    We approve reviews and details that cover the summer sales, door to door, and outside sales experiences of individuals working for or representing the companies listed on our site. We will reject / remove any reviews that are from customers or vendors.
  • Be ethical
    We want to create a community that fosters good information, positive or negative, about the companies that employees / contractors have worked for. Be original and include what your experience was like.
  • Be calm
    Realize that all companies are constantly attempting to improve and getting angry our lashing out does not help others investigate the true pros / cons. We will reject / remove any reviews that include certain profanities, or any obscenities, aggressive, or discriminatory language that we consider unnacceptable for our community. We will also reject reviews that include accusations of, or threats of, violence.
  • Be legit
    Make your review original. Use good grammar and make an effort to show what your employe / contractor experience really was like. Help others get insight into the company they may end up working with. If we find out that you are a competitor posting false statements, we will reject / remove your review.
  • Be tactful
    We want to encourage honest and open reviews. We will not accept any reviews that include malicious personal attacks (by name, title, or association). We do allow reviews about individuals who represent the public face of the company (ie. CEO, Regional Managers) and the comments are related to their behavior in the work environment. (Sales Managers, Sales Reps, and others are not considered a part of this group.).

Employer Guidelines
Employer responses are also moderated using the reviews guidelines above. In addition, we allow employers to include their contact information.