Written by on October 10, 2015

After completing his first summer on the doors with Protection 1, Jonathan Gubler has a few pointers for potential sales reps who are considering joining a summer sales company.

Gubler, a 23-year-old San Jose, Calif. native, finished the summer with 64 sales and plans to sell again next summer. He sold in North Carolina this past season.

1. Know what the company has to offer

Before signing with a company, you have to know what you’re getting into Gubler said.

“Talk to different companies,” said Gubler. “Weigh your options. Every company has different incentives and different things to offer you.”

Gubler advises potential sales reps to take time to figure out which company they’d best fit in with.

2. It’s not easy money

“One mistake people make is thinking that by simply knocking doors, they’ll get money,” said Gubler about false expectations. “You need mental toughness.”

Gubler noted that communication skills are key to success as well. He also added that putting in the work on the doors will help first-summer repsĀ improve as the summer moves along.

3. Your team matters

“I’d advise first-time sales reps to sell with their friends and surround themselves with successful people,” said Gubler of the importance of having a strong support system.

The start of Gubler’sĀ first summer on the doors were filled with productive days. However, as the summer wore on, it became difficult to consistently stay motivated.

“Some of the days at the end of the summer, I had little motivation,” said Gubler. “One of the guys on my team helped me stay positive. Choose to sell with people who can push you.”

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