Written by on October 1, 2015

The smart home industry needs more data to increase its adoption among everyday consumers according to a recent report sponsored by Vivint.

A $17.5 billion market forecast by 2019 has led to the concern as to what is holding the smart home industry back from growing at a considerable pace. The report was done by NextMarket Insights and is titled ‘The Mass Market Smart Home.’

“Simply selling a smart home system that connects devices will capture the imagination of early adopters,” said Michael Wolf of NextMarket Insights in a news article. “but for the smart home to become as pervasive as other seminal product categories like the smart phone, consumers must see tremendous inherent value delivered by a more connected lifestyle.”

The following cases were highlighted as valuable areas of concern for consumers:

  1. Aging, Retirement, Eldercare
  2. Pet Care
  3. Children and Teenagers

Read the full article here.

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