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Lenny Gray is recognized as the author of Door-to-Door Millionaire and a founder of Rove Pest Control. A Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner and broadcast journalism graduate from Brigham Young University, Gray’s first summer on the doors was in 1998 as a pest control salesman. He thought the summer sales industry was a scam until a high school friend proved that it was possible to make more than a several thousand dollars in one summer.

Gray grew up in Kearns, Utah and prefers to stay at home with his wife and four kids when he’s not at work. The author and salesman takes pride in his individual attention he gives to each of his sales representative and believes the door-to-door sales rep can be successful and ethical at the same time.

Summersales.info: What was the inspiration behind your book, Door-to-Door Millionaire?

Lenny Gray: One of the reasons why I wrote the book is that I wanted people to know you can be honest and not be pushy when on the doors. I also wrote the book to check out of the door-to-door sales industry and leave my stamp on the world.

It turns out that writing this book has actually done the opposite. It’s thrown me back into the mix since many organizations from universities to different companies are using it as a training manual.

SI: What sets Rove Pest Control apart?

LG: The thing about our company is we don’t try to recruit hundreds of guys. I try to give a personal experience to every one of the reps. We hire 30 guys so we finish with 30 guys and work to maximize the potential of each of our reps.

Everyone is different. I just think we’re a different flavor of food compared to other companies.

SI: Where do you see the summer sales industry in three years?

LG: Summer sales is getting stronger. I’ve done a lot of consulting for different companies who are using door-to-door sales to increase their business so I think its promising for summer sales. I think the only thing that will slow it down is the resurfacing of the stereotypical pushy rep. As long as summer sales is done the right way, it’ll continue. I’ve proven that we can do it the right way.

  1. Blake on Reply

    Just bought the audible version of your book. I’m selling with Alterra, now Aptive. Sold 409 last year and hate to sound arrogant but I’m curious about your numbers. What have you sold in one summer (4 months). Best month? Best Day? Best team average?
    Just want to make sure you have sold a lot so I can have high respect for you before I listen. That sounds very ignorant and disrespectful but it’s important for me to know.



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