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Meet Brady Anderson. Anderson is the CEO and co-founder of Sales Rabbit, a mobile app and cloud-based platform focused on helping door-to-door sales representatives pursue effective leads and close sales. Sales Rabbit has about 6,000 active users.

A Boise native,  Anderson cheers for Boise State unless Brigham Young University is playing the Broncos. He enjoys college football and college basketball, and enjoys competing in March Madness bracket tournaments. Anderson studied computer engineering at BYU and minored in business.

Anderson’s career in the summer sales industry started in 2009 as a sales representative selling pest control services. In the summer of 2010, Anderson managed an office in Virginia Beach where he met his wife, Ruth. That fall of the same year, Anderson returned to Provo where he started a software company with co-founder Barima Kwarteng named AppVantage building and selling apps to different businesses. The first sellable prototype of Sales Rabbit was released on May 15, 2013.

Summersales.info: What makes Sales Rabbit unique?

Brady Anderson:We understand the outside sales process really well. Our slogan for Sales Rabbit is ‘Built by sales reps. For sales reps.’ A lot of our founding members did door-to-door sales. We have first-hand experience. We know the industry pain points and the problems we’re trying to solve for. We’re very committed and have investors that are working to make this [Sales Rabbit] the leader in the outside sales world.

Most sales software today are focused on sales in general, but they’re not focused on someone who’s not in an office and out on the go. Our software is 100 percent focused on that door-to-door experience which sets us apart. We work with many of the leaders in the summer sales industry. We’re able to learn from them and create the best solution for the best businesses in the industry.

SI:Where do you see the summer sales industry 10 years from now?

BA:I think summer sales will continue because of the trends you can see. The old marketing techniques just don’t work anymore. When people are surfing the internet, they want to tune out the noise which they can by getting ad blockers. When you’re watching TV, you can skip commercials. If you don’t skip commercials, you don’t pay attention to them. There are do-not-call lists that make telemarketing campaigns very expensive. We’re getting to the point where it’s very difficult to sell people and convey value through any form other than face-t0-face.

There are way more door-to-door companies than I realized since we’ve launched Sales Rabbit. We’ve helped so many businesses. We’re barely scratching the surface since there are so many different companies with outside sales programs. We have everything from dentists to home improvement to pool companies.

I think any form of face-to-face marketing such as kiosks, malls, store fronts, door-to-door and even in business meetings sitting face-to-face with a client are going to continue to grow. It’s too hard to convey value if it’s not a face-to-face interaction with a potential client or a customer.

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