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Rajiv Patel’s experiences are different from most. The president and co-founder of Clear Protection, a home security and automation company, was born in Washington D.C. then moved around much of the United States and lived in Nicaragua for two years until his family settled down in Mesa, Arizona when he was nine. Patel’s mom is from Nicaragua and his dad is from India.

Patel now lives in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife and daughter. When he’s not enjoying time at the park or zoo with his family, Patel can be found working in the real estate industry. “I’m a real estate junkie,” said Patel of his top hobby. “I buy and flip properties. I have my real estate license which I still use to represent buyers and sellers.” Patel, who also devotes his time each week as a Boy Scout leader, has a love for music and still plays guitar when he has the time.

His first summer on the doors was in 2006 as a rep for Pinnacle Security in Detroit. Patel became a manager in his third summer where he learned that he enjoyed the mentoring and teaching side of the summer sales business. In 2013, Patel started Clear Protection with co-founder Richie Davis.

Summersales.info: What wakes you up every morning and gets you out the door?

Rajiv Patel: I love getting up in the morning. I look forward going into work and I love challenges. It’s my employees who work in the office and the reps out in the field.

I want to make life easier for the customers. I know we’re doing good with our security services and it’s a good cause. We’re in it to make life better for people.

SI: What makes a successful sales representative?

RP: We [co-founder Richie Davis and I] look at a few things when talking to our reps. The most important thing for a sales rep to be successful is hard work. It’s something you have to learn how to do.

Our company slogan is “Decide. Commit. Succeed.” It’s important the sales reps have confidence in themselves. Sales reps also need knowledge to succeed. We try to simplify the sales process for our reps. We’ve found that ten out of ten reps that decide and commit will succeed. That’s what I believe because it has helped me reach my goals.

SI: Where is the summer sales industry now compared to 2006 when you did your first summer of door-to-door sales?

RP:  It’s night and day. I know only about the security space. When I started, the cool thing was the key fob. The whole thing about home security was very basic.

The main difference between home security then and now is the technology and the ease of installation. The technology is the number one driver for the summer sales industry. It’s easier for customers to understand how security benefits them. We always ask ourselves “What will help our customers be happy?”

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