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Phil Rinehart, owner of EcoGen Pest Control located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is more encouraged and rejuvenated than ever to give everyday his best in the pest control and summer sales industry. Rinehart, who resides in Las Vegas with his wife and three kids, grew up in Bountiful, Utah. The EcoGen owner strives to make time to play with his kids. He enjoys a good round of golf and loves the Utah Jazz. His love for Jazz only increased after meeting Karl Malone in person a few years ago in Salt Lake City. The Utah native’s claim to fame is when he beat Jazz small forward Gordon Hayward in a basketball spinning contest.

Rinehart has been in the pest control and summer sales industry since 2000 when he attended Utah State University. He has since started and sold two companies including ProGuard Pest Control prior to founding EcoGen Pest Control at the beginning of 2015. Rinehart finds satisfaction in helping his sales representatives be successful.

Summersales.info: Why stay in the pest control industry? Why not other industries?

Phil Rinehart: Pest control is a great because it’s very visual. It’s easy to see roaches and other pests.

SI: What’s your motivation to work hard everyday at EcoGen Pest Control?

PR: I love what I do. I don’t work in the pest control and summer sales industry because it’s my only option. I can relate to my sales guys. I was in their shoes once as a poor college student.

For me, getting up in the morning is not a big deal. We [the sales representatives and I] go out and knock doors together so I get to know them and help them achieve their goals. I like seeing kids be successful so I’m in a good place.

SI: Where is the summer sales industry now compared to 2012?

PR:  It’s more competitive than ever. 2007 to 2009 were more challenging years with the housing crisis across the nation, but the industry is even better now.

I’ve had first year guys sell $38,000-40,000 in their first summer. I’m more encouraged and rejuvenated than ever.


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    I’ve worked for a handful of P.C. company in my 11 years of knocking doors and for the last 7 I have worked for Phil. Phil has always treated me fairly and I ALWAYS received what I expected in the form of compen$ation from him. What I appreciate most of all is that he is in the meetings everyday with the guys, he has been in our shoes and knows how tough it can be out there.

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